about me

James Woodington, M.A.

Native Language: US English
Nationality: American

Learning languages has been my passion since childhood.  I’ve always enjoyed coming to a greater understanding of the intricate differences between them.  This interest has naturally led me to a career as a professional freelance translator.  My travel experience has deepened my awareness of the need for accurate translations.

English is the modern lingua franca, the international language of business and commerce.  Many non-native speakers of English use it to communicate across linguistics barriers.  Therefore it is imperative that translations into English be highly accurate.  This is to ensure minimal confusion, especially on the part of those whose native tongue may not be English.  As a native speaker, I notice that even the smallest error in an English translation is often enough to hinder meaning and confuse the intended audience.

With these native English skills as well as a high-level proficiency in German, I translate text from German into English.  Since the general rule-of-thumb among translators is that one only translates into his/her native language, I only translate in the direction of German to English.

Learning languages has
been my passion since childhood.

Education and Credentials

  • B.A. English – Linguistics Emphasis – University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire
  • M.A. European Linguistics – Albert Ludwigs Universität – Freiburg, Germany
  • Masters Thesis Research on English Dialects under Prof. Dr. Christian Mair
  • Goethe C1 Zertifikat
  • Sprachlehrinstitut DSH 2
  • Associate Member of the American Translators Association